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Audio Nirvana full range drivers

Audio Nirvana full range drivers

Audio Nirvana Super/Classic 10/2.8 – 319.000 HUF / pair

Audio Nirvana Super/Classic 12/5.6 – 389.000 HUF / pair

Speakers with a single full range driver have some advantages inherent in the concept. When multiple drivers are used, each one responsible for different segments of the frequency spectrum, the engineer faces two main challenges in order to match those drivers to each other with the help of a crossover circuit. The frequency response must remain smooth at the crossover points where two drivers overlap and there must be no phase errors (or time delays) between the drivers caused by the crossover circuit. The engineer essentially tries to make multiple drivers pretend that they are a single point source. For full range drivers this is a given, resulting in a smoothness in the midrange where our ears are very sensitive and in good stereo imaging, an accurate presentation of spatial information.

As the moving parts in full range drivers need to be very light in order to be able to produce high frequencies, a consequential advantage is high sensitivity. This is further enhanced by the amplifier being connected directly to the driver, without having to go via a crossover.

A typical drawback of full range speakers is an over-enhancement of frequencies around 2-4kHz. While many FR believers like them this way, OzAudio has developed simple, high quality notch filter networks to smooth out that region and make the speakers more balanced, natural, unfatiguing and more adapted to a wide range of musical genres.

What makes Audio Nirvana full-ranges special?

It is not easy to get large drivers to extend to high frequencies. Hence the vast majority of FR drivers being less than 20 cm in diameter. Audio Nirvana has successfully designed 25, 30 even 38 cm FR drivers. These produce full, deep, high quality bass in simple bass reflex cabinets. No need for complex and expensive horn or transmission line loading to get big bass from small drivers.

The Super Series

Super drivers are the more usual full range ones in that they have a whizzer cone, a small cone shaped diaphragm in the centre of the speaker to aid the reproduction of high frequencies. The copper anodised aluminium phase plug is a development over the original version, hence the Super moniker. The Supers have a somewhat wider dispersion pattern than drivers in the Classic range.

The Classic Series

Classic drivers are a later development by Audio Nirvana, based on a concept similar to the legendary Western Electric 755A driver, hence the name Classic. These look like ordinary mid-woofers. No whizzer cone means that potential high frequency distortion – resulting from sounds coming off the back of the whizzer and reflected back by the main diaphragm – is eliminated.


Both Super and Classic 10/2.8 / 12/5.6 loudspeakers:

  • Frequency response: 36 / 34 Hz – 19 / 19 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 96 / 96 dB/Watt
  • Power handling: 30 / 30 Watt
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Measurements: 98 x 30 x 35 cm / 112 x 37 x 48 cm (h/w/d)

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